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ITEC Terms and Conditions


Participants will be provided with the following allowances and facilities:


Excursion/economy class air tickets for travel from the capital of the city of the participant’s country to the training institute in India and back;


Gratis Indian Visa for the duration of the course;


Accommodation provided by Government of India in hostel/, depending on the Institute. Participants are required to pay for services availed by them such as (a) Room service, (b) laundry, (c) local and outstation telephone calls, fax, etc;


Living allowance provided by Government of India @ Rs. 25,000/- per month and on prorate basis for part thereof to meet expenditure on food, out-of-pocket expenses, etc. The allowance is calculated from the date of arrival till the date of departure;


Disbursement of the living allowance will be made by the Institute on a weekly/fortnightly basis (as decided by the Institute); the participants are supposed to pay for their meal out of this allowance. In case the Institutes make arrangement for food, a portion of the allowance will be deducted by Institute in advance and the rest will be paid of the participants.


Book allowance @ Rs. 5,000/-;


Study tour(s) as part of the course curriculum to familiarize with Indian culture and history (which is mandatory);


Participants are required to obtain from the Indian Mission the contact telephone/mobile numbers of the course coordinator and the Institute. They must familiarize themselves with the weather conditions and the type of clothes to be carried to India.


Participants are required to conduct themselves with discipline and abide by rules, regulations and guidelines as stipulated by the nominating Government and the Government of India.


Participants are required to complete the training Course.


Request for change of Course is not entertained after joining the Course.


Participants are required to abide by the rules of the university/institution/establishment in which the participant is selected to undergo the training as well as participate in all Course-related activities including submission of periodic assessments/tests as conducted by the Institute.


Participants are to refrain from engaging in any political activity and/or any form of employment for profit or gain.


Participants are not allowed to bring along their spouses or families for the duration of the Course.


Participants are required to return to their countries upon completion of the training Course.


Participants who leave the Course midway without prior intimation/permission of the Ministry of External Affairs or remain absent from the Course without sufficient reasons are required to refund the cost of training and airfare to Government of India.


Participants are taken on study tours as part of their Course Curriculum to visit different heritage sites/places of interest in India. No requests for any additional private tourism, visits etc. will be entertained.


ITEC sponsorship may be cancelled at any time due to unsatisfactory conduct, breach of conditions of the Programme, failure to make satisfactory progress in the training Course or for any other sufficient cause as determined by the Government of India.

Female participants are advised to desist from joining training Courses if they are in family way prior to their departure for India.


Points for confirmed ITEC Candidates


You may contact institute to confirm your arrival in India.

Note your travel details inclusive of flight Nos. and timings. All timings are in local time of each respective country.

Check-in at least 3 hours prior to departure of all flights.

Ensure yellow fever vaccination card is with passport for entry into India. Keep institute’s address for completing of Indian immigration form.

Ensure a US address is available for U.S. immigration form for candidates travelling via USA.

Accommodation while in transit in the U.S. is not included under the ITEC Programme.

Ensure you are checked in 3 hours prior to departure from U.S. Note terminal number and directions to airport from your place of stay.

Check with airline/agents for all baggage allowances.

You may research online for weather conditions of New Delhi to take appropriate clothing and also for transit in USA, Panama, Amsterdam etc.

Personal items such as; supplements, vitamins, over the counter drugs (Aspirin, Antihistamines, Anti-Nausea) is advised to be taken along if needed.

Approximately US$500 may be taken with you for personal expenditure such as souvenirs and gift items.

Institute organizes all tours and visits while in India; any other visits may be first approved by the course coordinator.

Some Formal wear may be taken along for any receptions organized by the Institute prior to leaving India.


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