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Immigration Visa Foreigner Registration Tracking (IVFRT) for Indian Visa

The High Commission of India in Georgetown (Guyana) has introduced Biometrics and Immigration Visa Foreigner Registration Tracking (IVFRT) system for Indian Visa in Guyana.  The High Commission will switch-over to Online Visa Application Filing for visa applicants with effect from 15 November 2019.   Manually filled-in visa applications will no longer be accepted.

Biometric Data collection, including fingerprint data and facial imagery will be a mandatory requirement for all type of visa applicants. As a result, all visa applicants will need to first apply online and, thereafter, be physically present (mandatorily) at High Commission of India, Georgetown for submission of visa application and biometric data enrolment, as per detailed instructions below.

            (i) Before coming to the High Commission of India, Georgetown, to submit the passport and visa applications, all visa applicants must complete the Online Visa Application Registration Form available on Website:

            (ii) Please ensure that all columns are filled in completely and correctly. The visa application will not be registered by the system unless the application form is completed properly.

            (iii) While downloading the Visa Application Registration Form from Website, a Temporary Application ID will be created by the system. This must be noted down by the applicants for future references. The application form has four pages. Please continue to the next page(s) by clicking on ‘Save and Continue’ until the last page of the form. After completing the form correctly, please click on ‘Verified and Continue’. Upon clicking this, the form will be registered in the system and a dialogue box with the applicant’s name and file number will appear. Click on ‘PRINT FORM’ on this dialogue box. Take a print out of the two page application form. Paste (not staple) one photograph (size 2 x 2 cm.) of the applicant on the space provided and clip with the application two more copies of the same photograph.

            (iv) The printed form should be submitted physically at the High Commission on the next day or subsequent days along with: (a) Passport, (b) Additional photographs, (c) Fees, (d) Other documentation required for the type of visa applied for, and any other relevant supporting documents. For information on types of visa, documentation required, etc., please visit the High Commission’s Website:

            (v) Visa applicants resident in St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda and Anguilla should submit the printed application form along with passport, fees and other documents to the High Commission of India, Georgetown.

            (vi) The fees, in full, must be paid by the applicants at the time of submission of the application form and passport at the High Commission. Visa fees, once paid, will not be refunded.

            (vii) The visa application will further be processed by the High Commission officials and visa will be granted/refused subject to necessary clearances from the Indian authorities concerned.

            (viii) While, in the normal course, visas will be issued within 48 hours of the submission of the application form and fees at the High Commission in respect of nationals of Guyana, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda and Anguilla, in the case of foreigners residing in these countries applying to the High Commission in Guyana will be issued visas only after clearance from the Indian Mission in the country of nationality of the applicant and subject to clearance from other Indian authorities concerned.




(i)  Gap between visits to India:

     Transit Visa holders must maintain a 60-day gap between their visits to India. Special permission can be granted by the High Commission in case of emergencies to travel before expiry of 60 days from the last visit. 

(ii)  Use of Satellite phones:

     Satellite phone services are not permitted in India. People including tourists found to be making unauthorized use or possession of satellite telephone like Thuraya, Irridium etc are liable to prosecution and confiscation of satellite handset under Section 6 of Indian Wireless Act and Section 20 of Indian Telephone Act. 

(iii) Applicants of other nationalities may contact the Visa Officer of the High Commission. 

     The prescribed validity of the visa commences from the date of issue of the visa and not from the date a person enters India. All persons holding visa valid for more than 180 days, except children below 16 years of age and certain categories of persons holding such visas with the stipulation that each stay must not exceed 180 days, should register themselves with the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Office within 14 days of arrival in India. Visiting foreign nationals should also ensure that they leave India before the expiry of visa. 


Visa Requirements 


Standard Requirements

  • Valid Passport (with at least 180 days validity) and photocopy of bio-data page. 
  • Two recent photographs (2 inches X 2 inches) against a light background showing full frontal view of the face. 
  • Bank Statement (average of G$500,000.00 minimum) OR Letter of sponsorship and sponsor’s bank statement OR letter of invitation for official conference if applicable. (original & copy
  • Certificate of International yellow fever vaccination card (original & copy). 

Specific Requirements 

  • For persons applying for business visa; official letter and registration from the concerned company in India, indicating the nature of business, probable duration of stay, places and organizations to be visited; recommendation with the applicant’s name from the local Organisation/Company along with the standard requirements.
  • For persons applying for conference visa: applicant is required to submit a letter of invitation from the organizer of the event along with a copy of the requisite approval of the competent authority in India, in addition to the standard requirements. 
  • For persons applying for medical visas: official letter from Hospital or Medical Institution stating clearly the patient’s details, such as, type of treatment, length and place of stay, etc. should be forwarded by e-mail or fax directly to the High Commission along with standard requirements.          
  • For persons applying for student visas; official letter of acceptance from the University/College or Registered Institute should be forwarded to the High Commission directly via fax/e-mail, stating the course details length and place of stay along with an undertaking of financial guarantee from the sponsor/parent, in addition to the standard requirements. 
  • For Non-Guyanese applicants: Original Resident Permit along with the standard requirements. 
  • For Tourist Visa - Fees: G$20,600 or US$103.00 cash or by bank draft payable to “High Commission of India, Georgetown” per applicant (Fee is for 6 months, single/multiple entry which is granted for tourist/visiting purposes). Also, G$4,600.00/US$23.00 for transit visa, which is valid for fifteen (15) days only and the confirmed air tickets need to be produced. 

General Information 

  • Hours to apply: 9:30 am to 11:30 am ONLY (Mondays to Fridays). The Mission is officially closed on weekends and national holidays. 


  • For delivery by courier please include a prepaid air waybill or a return air waybill with your account number inside the package. For applications by courier, fee (s) will be accepted by Bank Draft only. 

            Mail to:

            Mrs. Veena Joshi

            High Commission of India

            307 Church & Peter Rose Streets

            Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana.

  • The Government of India has introduced e-Tourist visa facilities (Window for application under this category is 120 days and stay in India under this will be allowed for 60 days). Applicants are not required to go to the High Commission of India Office for this. They have to pay online after completing the visa application online on Government of India’s website  by following the directions.
  • Warning about Fake Websites - There are several fake websites online.

               Please do not browse any other website.




Type of Visa

US $


Tourist visa (valid for up to 1 year)



Transit visa (valid for 15 days)



Student visa for a period of 5 years



Business visa (valid for up to 1 year)



Business visa (valid for more than 1and up to 5 years)



Medical visa (valid for 6 months)



Conference visa



NOTE: Service Charges at the rate of US $3 or G$600 on each service is levied with effect from 18th May, 2010.


Compulsory visa application fee for all types of visa i.e. US $ 20.00 

Tourist Visa 

Between 6months – 10 years is US$100.00 + US$20 + US$3 = US$123

Business Visa fee 

1 Year = US$ 140.00 + US$20.00 + US$3 = US$163

5 years to 10 years = US$ 250.00 + US$20.00 + US$3 = US$273

Download Visa Application form

Download Visa Requirements

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